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Welcome to Turning Point Coaching

My mission is to work with, champion and support people who are ready to transform their professional / personal lives by living their life at cause and by making conscious choices in pursuit of success and fulfillment.

Agile Transformations

Agile is a way of accomplishing work collaboratively to achieve the best business results. It provides the flexibility for the organization to learn about what the market wants in a product / service and deliver it without being constrained by the original plans. Agile leans heavily on inspect and adapt cycles to continuously improve delivery. After all, organizations that aren’t continuously evolving and improving will get left behind in this highly competitive global market.

Agile is becoming more popular in software development.  Even so, it is easily applied to other areas of businesses including marketing, engineering, production, manufacturing, human resources, accounting and operations. Different frameworks exist under the agile umbrella, with Scrum, XP and Kanban being the most popular. These frameworks can be adapted to the different types of work occurring and to your organizational context.

Leadership Development

Leadership development with groups or individuals enables people to rate their leadership characteristics, and develop those characteristics that are most pertinent to their continued growth.  The workshops I develop are customized to the organization and are designed to enable people to explore their leadership traits through experiential exercises and processes geared towards enriched learning for the individuals, teams and groups.

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The focus of my coaching is people who want to transform their lives…professionally, personally and/or in service to their community.  Do you hesitate to own your desire to transform your life and begin your own transformation due to doubt, fear, wanting to play it safe or something else?  My services help you get clear on what you want, what aligns with your personal set of values, what fulfills you and what motivates you.  We then develop a strategy around how to reach these goals with a focus on the empowerment that comes from recognizing the choices you have.  I also become your “accountability partner” to help hold you accountable for what you commit to doing.

If you’re skeptical about coaching, check out this comment by Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, regarding his thoughts on the coaching he has received.


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