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Welcome to Turning Point Coaching

My mission is to enable organizations to improve customer value delivery by leveraging Agile and Lean practices and processes.  The outcomes for organizations; building higher quality products customers love more quickly while attaining better ROI, improved organizational alignment and higher employee engagement and morale.

Agile Transformations

Agile is a way of accomplishing work collaboratively to achieve the best value delivery to end customers. It provides the flexibility for the organization to learn about what the market wants in a product / service and deliver it without being constrained by the original plans. Agile incorporates rapid inspect and adapt cycles to continuously improve the product / service as well as the delivery process. After all, organizations that aren’t continuously evolving and improving will get left behind in this highly competitive global market.

Agile is becoming more popular in software development.  Even so, it is easily applied to other areas of an organization including marketing, engineering, production, manufacturing, human resources, accounting and operations. Different Agile frameworks exist under the agile umbrella, with Scrum, XP and Kanban being the most popular. These frameworks can be adapted to the different types of work occurring and to your organizational context.  Techniques and frameworks also exist for scaling agile to the program and enterprise levels.

Turning Point Coaching offers Agile training, coaching and mentoring to accelerate Agile transformations.  Learn more about what Turning Point Coaching offers by clicking the link above.

To learn more about how Turning Point Coaching can support your agile transformation, please email me at

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