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Effective Communication for IT Professionals

Effective Communication for IT Professionals Overview

Effective Communication for IT Professionals is critical because global competition has put speed to market in the limelight, especially where Information Technology is concerned.  Introducing new products and services before the competition requires succinct, precise and accurate communication that effectively conveys information to the intended audiences and facilitates collaboration.  And, responding quickly to competitor moves is key to long-term success.


This 3-day on-site instructor led training focuses on creating communicators who are powerful, effective and professional.  Our training melds together basic communication skills with a fundamental understanding of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) that improves effective communication through perceiving and managing emotions.  Improving EQ awareness also improves decision-making and conflict resolution.  In addition, we introduce concepts of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) that facilitates building connections between people and facilitates improved communication and understanding.

This training is appropriate for all levels of your IT organization and can be customized to suit your context.  We use a combination of 50% discussion and 50% activities that reinforce participant learning.  We are able to customize this course to address your specific needs and context.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to communicate effectively using powerful words, voice inflection and body language
  • Understand how communication effectiveness is impacted by various modes, nomenclature
  • Grasp how to tailor communication for your audience
  • Learn to leverage EQ to improve the effectiveness of communication
  • Understand the value of listening intently and the levels of listening
  • Comprehend NLP sensory channels and how to leverage them to improve communication
  • Grasp importance of collaboration in knowledge work such as in IT
  • Learn techniques to address challenges with distributed teams

Course Outline

Powerful Communication

  • Communication composition
  • Thoughts impacting action
    • Powerless words vs. powerful words
  • Communicating with enthusiasm & passion
  • Powerful preparation for powerful communication

Communication with Purpose

  • Determining the goals / outcomes of your communication
  • Selecting effective communication modes
  • “Geek-speak” and effective communication with business partners
  • Communicating to your audience
  • Compensating for cultural differences

Improve Communication with Emotional Intelligence

  • EQ defined
  • Review of EQ models
  • Influencing communication and outcomes using EQ
    • Building relationships with EQ
    • Impediments to listening
    • Listening levels to truly understand needs
  • Improving EQ to improve communication

Leveraging Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to Improve Connections

  • NLP overview
  • Understanding & recognizing NLP sensory channels
  • Using NLP to connect when communicating

Collaboration in IT (Teaming)

  • Defining collaboration
  • Value of collaboration
  • Barriers to collaboration
  • Four pillars of effective collaboration

Addressing Complications of Distributed Collaboration in IT

  • Identifying challenges with distributed collaboration
  • Addressing challenges of distributed collaboration

Conclusion of training

  • Recap of Effective Communication for IT Professionals

If you would like to learn more about our Effective Communication for IT Professionals training and how it can be customized, please contact us via email at

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