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What is coaching?

Coaching is essentially a relationship that we enter into in order to explore what is happening in your life and work together to plan out the next steps.  My goal with coaching is to help you create and/or clarify your goals, work with you to align your life to these goals, and to support you in achieving the great things your are capable of.

I offer a free, no obligation consultation that allows you to experience coaching.  All information discussed during any coaching session is confidential and will not be shared with anyone.

Are you skeptical about coaching?

Check out this short video of Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google who talks about coaching.

What can you expect from coaching?

By using various methods, tools and techniques, I teach you skills that support you in becoming more independent, while realizing your interdependence within the inteconnected web of life.  Together, we assess where you are currently in your life and how satisfied you are with various aspects of your life.  Working together, we then identify goals that truly inspire and motivate you and determine what is important about them.  Exploring what values you have enables us to examine where you may be out of alignment with your values and the steps necessary to bring you back into alignment.  I routinely work with various perspectives to broaden a client’s view and thinking.  And I teach you to recognize your saboteurs and gremlins, and how to best to free yourself from these limiting thoughts.  You can think of me as a proponent, a trusted advisor, a catalyst in creating success in peoples lives, and a cheerleader ready to support you in achieving your goals.

Who is my typical client?

I work with people who have realized that they are at a transitional stage of their lives, and are ready for change.  These people are committed to taking control of their lives, their attitudes, and their outlook.  They are ready to be held accountable for their actions.  They are ready to live at a different level of awareness.  All of this is done in the context of these people pursuing their goals in life.

Are you interested or do you have questions?

Contact me via email at so that we can schedule a time to discuss any questions you might have and schedule your sample session.

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