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What’s Happening at Turning Point Coaching?

by Gary Bamberger on August 5, 2012

It has been quite a while since I last posted a blog.  I feel compelled to provide some information related to my absence.

In April 2011, my wife and I began blazing a new trail in our lives when we moved from just outside of Philadelphia, PA to Corona de Tucson, AZ, which is just southeast of Tucson.  Our journey to our new community was a “leap of faith” as it were.  My wife didn’t have employment lined up.  And I was working part time as an IT consultant while coaching on the side.  The IT consulting gig ended in July 2011, so I began contemplating what my next step would be on my journey.

I landed a full-time job as an IT Relationship Manager.  I viewed this as a golden opportunity for me since I have many years experience in this role.  It turned out to be less than ideal since there was a mismatch of core values.  During this time, I must admit that the thought of writing about leadership characteristics seemed…well, inauthentic and hypocritical.  I felt I was not blazing my own train any longer nor living my values, and, therefore, wasn’t about to write about leadership.  This feeling was foreign to me, and I was not a happy camper and was not being myself at all…as my wife could attest to.

I took another leap of faith after enduring this situation for a little over six months.  I submitted my resignation without having another gig lined up [with the full support of my wife].  I was networking on LinkedIn and eventually landed another part-time gig as an IT consultant specializing in training, coaching and mentoring organizations transforming their software development by using agile / Lean / Scrum project delivery.  I’ve been pretty busy with these endeavors since March and feel that I am once again blazing my own trail through life.

So, what about Turning Point Coaching?  Well, I’m baaaaaack!  I’ll be picking up where I left off writing about leadership characteristics and traits.  I’m accepting a limited number of coaching clients for people who need some support as they transform into their “inner warrior” and begin blazing their own trail through life.  If you’re interested in discovering your inner warrior and need some support, email me at so we can discover how we can work together.

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