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December 2010

Settle Less by Leaning into Transformation

by Gary Bamberger on December 20, 2010

We’ve all been there…working a job that’s uninspiring and that’s mis-aligned with who you want to be and what you want to do with your life. When I’ve been in situations like this in the past, I’ve felt incomplete, uncommitted, unmotivated and uninspired. I felt a dread about going to work…I definitely had a perspective of “have to” vs. a “get to” when it came to going to work. And the same can hold true for your personal life as well.

This quote by Dr. Martha Beck sums it all up for me, “If your happiness and your work aren’t the same thing, you’re doing the wrong work, or working the wrong way. Change.” Seems pretty logical. If you’re not happy with who you are and what you do, make a change. After all, you’re in control of your life. And yet, I find so many people settling for what exists today. Why settle when there are so many opportunities out there?

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