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August 2010

Giving & Receiving the Gift of Feedback

by Gary Bamberger on August 16, 2010

Manager giving feedback to an umpire.

Giving feedback is an important aspect of communicating with others. When you want to have meaningful relationships with others, you must open yourself up and risk giving and receiving feedback. Some of it will be positive reinforcement, some of it will be constructive feedback. All of it is important in figuring out how to deal with the people in your life.

When I first had management responsibilities, one of the most important lessons I learned was about giving feedback to others. I had put together a review that was tough and fair, at least in my opinion. I had only been managing this person for a few months and had a macro view of what she did. It turned out that she had a very different idea of her performance during the year. Of course, we hashed things out and managed to get past this episode.

I took away a couple of key facts from this adventure:

  • Level setting expectations (i.e. goal setting) and getting agreement on them is critical
  • Providing feedback frequently ensures that there are no surprises later on
  • Use quantitative measures whenever possible

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