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June 2010

Perspectives and Perception

by Gary Bamberger on June 25, 2010

Earth as seen from Apollo 17

When we encounter a new situation, we use our prior experiences as a filter to view the situation. By bringing this prior learning to bear, we avoid repeating the same mistake again. So, we look for patterns from old situations that we can correlate to the new situation at hand. When we run into a situation often enough, our response becomes a habit that we use as a default response when we perceive the pattern to exist.

I recently encountered this as I was working with a group of people to change from using waterfall project management to using a Scrum framework to deliver technical projects. The people I was dealing with immediately went to their memory to search for similar experiences as I was teaching them the Scrum techniques. I would have fared much better had I been able to wipe out their memories concerning project delivery so I could have started with a clean slate.

So, what got in the way?   [read more…]